Pet Boarding | The Dog House at Spring City

Age: We accept non-aggressive housebroken guests over the age of 6 months. If your pet is between 4 and 6 months, give us a call to discuss.  We occasionally make exceptions to the age rule for special cases.

Boarding Agreement: We must have a boarding application/agreement on file prior to boarding your dog.  We’ll also need a copy of your dog’s vaccination records, which can be faxed from your veterinarian to this number: 610-948-3647 (must call ahead prior to faxing).

Vaccinations: We require that all pet owners provide a veterinarian receipt to prove the dog is current on the following: Distemper (DHLPP), Rabies, and Bordetella (Kennel Cough)

All dogs must be neutered.

Medications and Veterinary Care: If your pet requires medication, please provide a detailed list of medications and dosages and we will be glad to administer what is needed.

Special Needs and Geriatric Pets: We appreciate and cater to guests with special needs.  Geriatric pets, physical handicaps, medical conditions/medication, separation anxiety, special diets or allergies, fear of thunder or fireworks…the list goes on and on!

Spoiled and Pampered Pets: We love ‘em and we’ll spoil ‘em too!

We reserve the right to refuse any client or any pet for any reason.